Director / DOP / Self-shooting PD.

Director / DOP / Self-shooting PD.

Tom Fowlie

I bring to any project the type of experience and instinct, which can only be gained by thousands of hours behind a lens.

Originally from New Zealand I have an ingrained “can do” attitude, happy to think on my feet and solve problems. With a natural enthusiasm and curiosity for life around the globe, and a sense of humor that crosses the cultural divide, I love my life as a film maker!

My years of shooting have given me the skills to maintain great looking shots, while covering the action for a dynamic edit, and never missing an important moment. With many credits as a self-shooting director, I always have the narrative content as my number one priority. I know when to gently push for what the project needs, work well with crew and earn the trust of talent and contributors. I work quickly with minimum impact to achieve great shots, and I’m experienced in fast lighting set ups to give a glossy look, suitable for high end broadcast, commercial and corporate worlds. The experience I’ve gained shooting in over 70 countries, with a massive variety of subject matter has been invaluable.

My strengths:

– Following action and never missing “the” moment.
– Rich cinematic images and great coverage for the edit.
– An ear for content and sound bites, always listening!
– Advanced technical skills, including gimbal, drone, grip, lighting and media management.
– I’m strong and fit. Happy to shoot all day long.
– A passion for every frame, and every project.